31 Reasons Why Other NFL Teams Should Change Their Name.

Saw this post by a Facebook User and had to share….it is pretty funny.

If the Redskins have to change their name because the media tells them to, then the following NFL teams should also change their names:
1. Kansas City Chiefs – same reason the Redskins. Old white people feel guilty.
2. NY Jets – families in NYC who lost relatives on 9/11 would be offended by the images of planes.
3. NY Giants – little people feel offended because no one ever calls them Giants.
4. Tennessee Titans – See #3
5. San Diego Chargers – Some people can’t afford electricity and are not able to charge their government subsidized cell phones. Offensive.
6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – This is offensive to the Somali pirates who are really trying to do some good in their own country with senseless violence.
7. New England Patriots – There are some people who didn’t fight for this country’s freedom and would be offended. This is also extra offensive to the millions of illegal aliens that outnumber the Native Americans.
8. Buffalo Bills – I know at least three guys named Bill that are pretty pissed off about this one.
9. Minnesota Vikings – When the Vikings came to North America and raped and pillaged, a lot of innocent victims lost their lives. This one is just common sense.
10. New Orleans Saints – This name is offensive to Catholics around the globe. The NFL might be planning 3 games in London next year, but they should cancel the Vatican City trip.
11-24. Dolphins, Ravens, Bengals, Lions, Eagles, Bears, Colts, Jaguars, Broncos, Panthers, Falcons, Seahawks, Rams, Cardinals – PETA, PETA, PETA, PETA, PETA. Where are you when we really need you? These animal names are being exploited!!!! (If PETA doesn’t want to help out with the Cardinals, we can stick them in with Saints and let the Catholics handle it.)
25. Green Bay Packers – Some people can’t afford boxes to package their stuff. Offensive, Offensive. Offensive.
26. Cleveland Browns – Short for the Brown Bombers – named after The Brown Bomber, Joe Louis. Joe Louis won 66 professional fights. That’s a lot of families that don’t need to be reminded of their relatives getting defeated in the ring.
27. San Francisco 49ers – Numerous families moved West during the Gold Rush. Not everyone struck it rich. Those poor bastards. So offensive.
28. Oakland Raiders – See #6. This is also offensive to the upstanding citizens of Oakland who raid their neighbor’s homes on an hourly basis.
29. Dallas Cowboys – No Cowgirls? Cowmen? Cowwomen? CowLGBTs. Actually, the cows can’t be too crazy about this either.
30. Houston Texans – this ties in with the Patriots. There are over a million illegal aliens that live in Texas and can’t officially call themselves Texans. That’s no fair to them.
31. Pittsburgh Steelers – This is the only NFL team that has a chance of keeping its name. If the Steel Workers Union was as offended as they should be, this would have been changed a long time ago.

I seriously hope no one was offended while reading this. If you were, please let me know and I’ll change my name to “Facebook User” on your page.

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The Dark Historical Roots of Thanksgiving

The Dark Historical Roots of Thanksgiving

What is next….stop celebrating Thanksgiving ?

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Peter King….Another Hater

Peter King….Another Hater

Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Interrogated Peter King for Anti-Redskins Stance….King is not even sure why he has joined the witch hunt. King does not even know the reason why the team was named Redskins. 

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106.7…Not The Fan

106.7...Not The Fan

106.7…Not The Fan is on the media witch hunt because they cannot stand Dan Snyder. They call themselves “fans”….but are far from being fans. Please visit http://www.savethemascot.org and stop listening to 106.7 and tune in to any other station…they will learn when they hear from their sponsors. The real fans can control what happens.

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Bob Costas has joined the Witch Hunt against the Redskins

On Sunday Night Football Bob Costas decided to join the media witch hunt. There is a government shutdown and he had the opportunity to talk about violence against children….he decided to join his buddies and go after Dan Snyder and the Redskins. All of a sudden he cares about the Native Americans….I wonder if he has ever been to a reservation. He did not bother explaining the origin of the name Redskins…just that he thinks it’s offensive. I am assuming with the name Costas…he might be Hispanic…I don’t know….but it is more offensive that there is a cleaning product named SPIC and Span. Anyway….the word Indian is also offensive because Indians are from India….the correct term is Native American. So why not go after the name Indians with the big redskin logo ?

The name has been around for 81 years !! It is offensive to tax payers that Native Americans do not pay taxes and are allowed to run Casinos for huge profits. Do you realize how much that tax money would help the economy ? How many years of not paying taxes does someone need to improve themselves. There is football teams on Native American Reservations with the name Redskins !! They have not even changed the name of their own teams. This media abuse needs to seen for what it is….a bunch of white guys trying to be politically correct to stay relevant.

I Frown Upon this witch hunt….FU Costas.

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Mike Florio

Mike Florio wrote an article regarding the Redskins name change. He takes every opportunity to take shots at owner Dan Snyder regarding any topic. He is on a media witch hunt. I posted a few questions to challenge the story and his motivation behind the stories. He deleted all my posts !! You cannot believe a word this guy says…..he has a motive and does not anyone to questions him. He is in the media and hides behind Freedom of Speech…but when he is challenged….he will simply delete your post. What a pathetic excuse for a journalist. Controlling the media and his agenda’s.  A big FU from Frown Upon !

Here is an example of his writing. http://deadspin.com/what-the-fuck-is-mike-florio-talking-about-1188674674

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