Frown Upon Irsay

Frown Upon Irsay

Irsay has to be the most classless sports owner in NFL. He cannot keep his mouth shut and I would have loved for the Colts to lose so he could eat crow. Here are his Twitter comments after the game.

“As OWNER,Buck stops with U,” Irsay declared after the 39-33 win. “In 1997 n January 2012,alone n the room, plotting the vision 4 Greatness! Strategically decades of success follows.”

“Thanks 2 many ignorant n mean spirited media types,only some,certaInly not all;Man you helped FIRE UP our were AWESOME! Thank YOU!” Irsay said.

Its sad that you need the media to fire up your team…what a moron. Hope they face the Broncos in the first round and get slaughtered. I feel really bad for Reggie Wayne because he is great talent….but cant help to think if a little Karma is heading towards his team.

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